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Torres del Paine

The Torres del Paine National Park is one of the most famous touristic destinations of South America, which offers different activities to explore it. Here some unmissable options.



This hiking until the iconic viewpoint is one of the most demanding and defiant at the same time (we recommend an early departure)

Drive until Welcome Center of Estancia Cerro Paine, and then continue to the starting point of the trail to Base Torres (44km – 1 hour)

First, crossing the pampa, and after cross Ascencio River, you will climb 3 km up to arrive to Windy Pass. From here the trail change constantly with ascent, descent and some flat parts, you will continue to the Chileno Refuge and a Lenga forest until to arrive to “la Morrena”. Here the hardest part begins, a final ascent of approximately 45 minutes following a rocky trail to the splendid Las Torres Base Lookout Point where you can enjoy the majestic view to the three towers: South (2850 m.a.s.l) Central (2800 m.a.s.l) and North (2600 m.a.s.l). The return will be for the same trail until Welcome Center.

DURATION: FULLDAY (9 hours + 2 Hours driving, we recommend an early departure)


Navigation through Grey Lake with the opportunity to admire very close the imposing beauty of the Grey Glacier and floating icebergs and mountainous landscapes around.

Drive to Hotel Lago Grey, to the starting point of this excursion (84km-2 hours)

First you must check-in at the Hotel Lago Grey one hour before the departure time. Then you have to walk from the parking hotel across a forest and the beach to get to the boat. (30 – 45 minutes)

The guided navigation to Grey Glacier take approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. (round trip)

*IMPORTANT: All navigations are subject to the weather and security conditions.

Departures: 10:00 (check-in: 9:00) / 13:00 (check-in: 12:00) / 16:00(check-in: 15:00) / 19:00(check-in: 18:00)

For more information about navigation to the Grey Glacier check the next link:

DURATION: FULL DAY (2 hours and 45 minutes navigation, 1 hour aprox hiking, 4 hours driving from Cerro Guido, we recommend start early in the morning in case some unexpected on the road)


Medium hike to one of the most beautiful and magical places in the Park (requires an early departure).

Drive to Pudeto, Pehoe Lake /55km / 1 h and 30 min), to take the Catamaran and cross the Pehoe Lake (duration 35 minutes) and arrive to starting point of this excursion.

The trail to the entrance of the Valley, Italian Camp, will change continuously between ascents, smooth descents and flat stretches, bordering the base of Monte Paine Grande, passing Scotsberg Lagoon.

You have 7,6 km until the entrance to the Valle Frances, approximately 2,5 hours and the same to come back until Catamaran. According your time and fitness there are different possibilities to visit more lookouts inside the valley: Frances Lookout to 1,5 hours or Britanico Lookout to 3,5 hours.

The return is for the same trail, continue to Italiano Camp, until arrive to departure point of Catamaran.

More information about Catamaran, Pehoe Lake:

DISTANCE: 15,2 KM ( round trip until the entrance to the Italian Camp) 110 km driving.
DURATION: FULL DAY ( 5 to 8 hours hiking, 3 hours driving, we recommend start early in the morning in case some unexpected on the road)


Travel by car (own, rented or private transfer) through the Torres del Paine National Park stopping at different viewpoints signposted on the route with the possibility of combining it with short hikes such as Salto Grande or Playa Grey.

In this travel you can visit the most typical lookouts of the park: Laguna Amarga, Salto Grande in the Paine River, Nordenskjold Lookout, Salto Grande (with a short hike to arrive here), Pehoe Lookout, Administration office (with museum), Grey Lake (with short hike). We recommend start from Laguna Amarga Entrance and finish in Sarmiento Lake Entrance of this way you can see the view to the Sarmiento Lake and have a better angle of the sun for taking photos.

Along the way there are some possibilities to hike: Salto Grande (Cuernos Lookout 2 hrs), Grey Lake (Mirador en Peninsula 2 hrs), Sarmiento Lake
Entrance (caves with rock painting 1,5km) so you can enjoy even more the landscapes of the park.

DURATION: FULL DAY (4 hours driving + 3-4 hours to take photos, short hikes and take rest, we recommend an early departure)

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Discover Mylodon Cave and learn the history of this giant lazy that dwelled in this southern area of Chile more than 10,000 years ago.

The Mylodon Cave is an incredible cavern more than 200 meters deep, 80 wide and 30 high, where more than 15,000 years ago lived large extinct animals such as the Mylodon.

The Mylodon Cave is located to 25 km from Puerto Natales and 90 km from Cerro Guido.

More information about Mylodon Cave:


Picturesque fishing port that forms the entrance door to Torres del Paine National Park.

In Puerto Natales you can spend few days doing different excursions around it, preparing your visit to The National Park Torres del Paine, visiting the historical museum, going out for a meal or just walking around the town by the coast path.

More information about Puerto Natales:


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