Kaw Restorant

Our Cuisine


Our philosophy

Using products from our vegetable garden and field, our cuisine offers dishes inspired by traditional, simple and elegant recipes, suitable for all tastes. Our menu changes daily. If you have special dietary requirements or allergies inform us to consider them.


Lamb Barbecue

While you see a wonderful view, during many hours the lamb, which was raised in the natural pastures of this estancia, is cooked in our barbecue area.

Our Vegetable Garden

Fresh products. A huge daily challenge means for us produce and cultivate the products that we bring to our table in this harsh climate. With affection and effort we obtain green leaves, tomatoes, zucchini, rhubarb, red and black currant, gooseberries and eggs.


Our Services


Buffet with a range of salted and sweet products, fresh fruits, juices selection, milk, coffee or tea.


Menu 3 courses with products from our vegetable garden. Include glass of wine or soft drink.


Menu 4 courses and glass of wine or soft drink.

Barbecue Lamb

Barbecue lamb with side dishes and glass of wine or soft drink.

Box Lunch

Sandwich (different options), natural fruit, water bottle (500cc), dried fruit and nuts (80 grs), a portion of cake, oatmeal cookie or homemade cereal bar.

Bar and Cafe

Menu with a range of tasty sweet and salty snacks (both for meat lovers and vegetarians). Excellent wine list giving priority to organic production: Matetic Vineyard, EQ and Corralillo lines www.matetic.com